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We Can Help

At TLC we have the knowledge and contacts to provide a competitive edge for your business. We can integrate a varied mix of features into our overall business solution. These include:


  • Process analysis
  • Technology assessment
  • eCommerce & web development
  • Site hosting
  • Sales force optimization & automation
  • Online sales & marketing
  • Multimedia marketing
  • Professional staffing of individuals & teams


We can assist you with a TOTAL business solution. At TLC we know that continued business from you, depends your complete satisfaction.


We are confident that once you have done business with us, we will be a trusted & strategic member of your team.



In today's business world of breakneck speed and fierce competitiveness, its sometimes easy to forget to revisit the basics before buying the latest technology. Sometimes the benefits of the latest wireless device, for example, may justify the expense. But are you sure?



The Philosophy

If you had someone who could look at your current processes, who understands your business goals, and then could recommend an appropriate plan of attack, would that help you?


What if they were knowledgeable in current and new technology products, and had no vested interest in selling you the biggest or best technologies?



The Options

Your optimal solution may indeed be to get the latest and greatest computer system, or website, or network. Now... which one?


Or, perhaps your processes could be adjusted to take advantage of an under-utilized feature of your existing systems. Maybe the solution is just in modernizing your processes, not your computer room.


Or, what if the optimal solution for your company is a combination of less expensive non-leading-edge hardware and re engineered business processes?



The Solution

At TLC, we have the skill and experience to understand your business challenges, and analyze your processes for optimization opportunities. We are both technology and process experts, so we will recommend the best fit solution for your goals and your budget. This dual focus also allows us to identify sound automation and cost reduction opportunities to impact your bottom line.


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We're Affordable

At TLC, our approach is not to look for the most expensive solution. We look for the best one.


Because of our many contacts and business relationships with customers and niche suppliers, we can often provide unique and inexpensive solutions.


Our solutions are inexpensive because they are a match for your business and goals. We deliver what you want and need, to keep your costs down.


Give us a try. We believe that you'll be pleasantly surprised!




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